How To Create Your Own Easter Greeting Cards

Easter is here! Once again, it's time to send greeting cards to your family and friends. If you are busy, you can go the easy way and buy mass-produced greetings cards on your local bookstore. Or, if you have time on your hands, you can do it a slightly difficult way and create your very own Easter greeting cards.

You can create your own Easter greeting cards by two ways—by computer or by hand. The first option is easier and you do not need a special computer program for it, assuming your have Microsoft Word. There are greeting card templates available for Microsoft Word, which you can use. All you need to do is insert images and add your personal message. You can use images from your file or you can look for one on the Internet. Your personal message can be something that you actually wrote or something that, again, you found on the Internet. Print the card on a special paper and your personalized Easter greeting cards are now ready for distribution.

The second option, creating your own Easter greeting cards by hand, is more time consuming but more personal in many ways. It will require creativity, artistry and resourcefulness on your part. Your materials will depend on the design of your greeting card, but basically you will need the following:

Paper - You can use card stock, handmade paper, or recycled paper. Your choice of paper actually makes a lot statement about you. For example, if you use recycled paper, then the recipient knows that you care about the environment.

Pens - Of course, you need to write your message on the greeting card. You can use regular pens. For a more artistic look, use glitter or paint pens.

Scrapbook materials - You will use these to decorate your very own Easter greeting cards. You can use ribbons, buttons, glitters, and stickers to make your greeting cards beautiful.

Here are some ideas for a handcrafted Easter greeting cards.

Use photographs of past Easters. If you have a favorite photograph from past celebrations of Easter, use it as the focal point of your Easter card this year. You can print several copies of it--cut and paste it on your greeting card. Or, you can have it printed on a sticker paper so you do not need to cut and paste.

Use your child's Easter art masterpieces. At this time of the year, teachers are making children create Easter artworks that are certified adorable. You can make a copy of your favorite one, or better yet, ask your child to draw his or her Easter artworks on the greeting cards you are sending.

Crack those eggs. Nothing reminds a person of Easter than Easter eggs. Get eggshells and make an Easter egg collage on your greeting card. This is time consuming, but nothing says "I Care" better than handcrafted Easter greeting cards with egg collage.

These are just some ideas and I bet you have great ones of your own. Happy Easter!


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