How To Decorate a Christmas Table

Christmas is the one time of year where you can go all out with your decorations. From the trees to garlands, stockings and knick knacks, your Christmas decorations bring the spirit of the season to all of your guests. Fill your home with holiday cheer by decorating your Christmas table too. Here are some ideas that will surely make your table stand out this Christmas season.

Step 1

Buy something pre-made.  If you're not too handy with a glue gun or floral wire, consider purchasing a pre-made Christmas center piece for your table this year. You can choose to purchase a fresh one, which should last you a few weeks, or you can buy a fake one from a craft or holiday store and keep it around for many more Christmases to come. A centerpiece is important to have at your Christmas table, so if you can't make one out of pinecones, evergreen boughs and ribbon, have someone else do it for you.

Step 2

Set out some candles. Every Christmas table needs a few candles to bring some height and some light to the table décor. Some green or red tapers or even some larger pillar candles on either side of your Christmas centerpiece will frame it nicely and give your table some added warmth. Cover the base of your candles with cranberry garland or some artificial Christmas lights.

Step 3

Incorporate some garland. Around your Christmas centerpiece and candles you could place some evergreen garlands. These are easy to make yourself, but you can always find them in the stores around Christmas time too. Weave the garland in and around the base of your centerpiece and candles to draw everything together.

Step 4

Use fancy linens at your table. The linens you use to decorate your Christmas table will also help to bring a festive feel to your dining experiences this holiday season. Put out a red, green or gold tablecloth and run a table runner down the center (so that it lies underneath of your centerpiece and candles). Consider using matching placemats and napkins to give your table that Christmassy feel. (Just avoid using too many prints or your Christmas table may look too busy.)

Step 5

Choose some festive napkin rings. Your Christmas table will likely have some cloth napkins on it, and it's always nice to present these in napkin rings. You can make your own Christmas napkin rings easily by painting holiday pictures onto wooden napkin rings. Or you can simply buy napkin rings especially for the occasion.

Step 6

Put out your best dishes. You've probably got some good china that only gets hauled out on special occasions. Well now is the time to bring it out! Put out your best china for your holiday guests this Christmas. If you've got a selection of dishware to choose from, go with something that has a holiday motif on it. (Again, as long as it doesn't make your table look too busy with designs.)

Step 7

Consider leaving at small gift at each place setting. Christmas is definitely a time of giving, and so why not incorporate this idea into your table setting this year? Put a small gift beside each place setting at your Christmas table this year to let all of your guests know that you care for and appreciate them.


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