How To Decorate Christmas Mantel

Decorating your home at Christmastime brings a whole new sense of joy. The tree is trimmed, the lights are up, and all that is left to do is to decorate the fireplace mantel. The fireplace is the focal point in the living room or great room. A brightly decorated fireplace mantel will add a warm cozy feeling to your room. What are some eye-catching ways to add a festive Christmas display to your fireplace mantel?

The Garland

Begin by draping lighted garland around the front of the mantel.

  • Take the garland in hand and locate the middle of the garland.
  • Tack it to the center of your fireplace mantel using Command Strips or a similar product. Command Strips will not ruin the finish on your mantel, and they are easily removed with a pull of a tab.
  • Continue to drape the garland to the corner.  Tack it in place and drape along the wall or mantel at the side. 
  • Finish by tacking it in place at the rear of the mantel or leave a small piece to hang down along the wall or in the corner.
  • Repeat with the opposite side.

The Candles

Use two pedestal candle holders for each side of the fireplace. For added appeal, on each side have one holder that is taller than the other by a couple of inches.

  • Place the taller pedestal 3 inches from the edge of the mantel and place the smaller pedestal diagonally one inch in front of the tall pedestal.
  • Place two golden, silver, or white candles of the same height on each pedestal.
  • Taking a single poinsettia, place it on the base of the pedestal near the candles in front.  Pin one petal to each candle.
  • The final step with the candles is to drape gold wire ribbon around the front of each candle. You will need about 1.5 feet of ribbon for each side.
  • Starting in the rear, tack the edge of the ribbon in place with tape or a small straight pin and weave it between the candles, ending with the last edge behind the front pedestal.  Securing the edge of the ribbon in place.

The Finishing Touch

If you have a thin snow blanket, cut a piece 1.5 feet in length and place this on top of the fireplace mantel, directly in the middle. Place your nativity scene on the snow blanket. If you need the snow blanket to be wider, pull it outwards in the direction where you want more snow. Finish by placing and arranging the remaining nativity scene figurines.

Now that you have finished creating your festive fireplace mantel, turn on the lights, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of your fireplace.


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