How To Decorate Your Bathroom for Christmas

A few more months to go and the “-ber” months will come. It will start with September, the month when the most responsible people do their Christmas shopping. Some people are lovers of Christmas decorations in all parts of the house, even the bathrooms are decorated. The decorations remind them of the season and helps keep the spirit of the season in their thoughts. You may ask if it is proper to decorate the bathroom with Christmas decorations. The answer is yes. What decorations are appropriate and how do you do it is our lesson today.

Don’t forget that everything is done on a budget. So think of an inexpensive and simple way to create your Christmas theme in your bathroom. Before going out to shop, you should already have in mind what to buy and which corner of the bathroom it will occupy. The following ideas may be helpful in shopping for Christmas decorations for your bathroom:

  1. Fake snow. Snow is always a part of Christmas. A can of aerosol snow may be purchased and sprayed gently around the borders of windows and mirror.
  2. Christmas smells. Seasonal scents are available in stores anytime. Choose one for Christmas and find a place for it to be stored. It could be a jar with holiday flavor. A candle may be added to make it more convincing.
  3. Nativity scene. If you have a big bathroom, large enough for a nativity set, then put one in place lined with green and red tinsels.
  4. Hang a wreath. When space allows, hang a wreath wherever it looks appropriate. It could be outside the door, or inside. It could also be above the sink. Christmas lights could be entwined in the wreath.
  5. Towels/rugs/shower curtains. Hang red or green shower curtains, and a set of towels and rugs with Christmas color. Finger towels could be layered over larger plain towels.
  6. Holiday soap. A soap pump or soap dish with a holiday theme could be purchased. Holiday scents soaps are inexpensive. They are never difficult to find. The soap dish may be a saucer taken from a Christmas dinner setting.
  7. Mistletoe. Hang mistletoe above the sink; it is a cute and fun surprise.
  8. Garland. You may use a garland to tie back curtains, around the mirror, and maybe around the door and windows. Soap dishes/pumps could also have a garland.
  9. Christmas Cards. Display beautiful Christmas cards received last Christmas on a shelf somewhere inside your bathroom.
  10. Poinsettia. Poinsettia plants are Christmas plants. For a real Christmas decoration, nothing can replace a poinsettia plant. They come in shades of crimson and beautiful red and green leaves.

The above ideas are only a few of the things that you can use to decorate your bathroom in a Christmas theme. An Internet search could also provide numerous results. There are real bathroom decorations for the season, but sometimes we want our craftsmanship to come out.


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