How To Decorate Your Entryway for Christmas

The Christmas season seems to be everybody's favorite time of the year to rediscover his or her internal interior designer. With an uncertain economy, budget cuts might have to be made. However, there is no need to sacrifice color, lights and a little tinsel for an overall effect that dazzles your entryway. It isn't the cost of the item but the color balance that catches the eye, and you don't need much for a spectacular effect.

A Christmas wreath is a favorite decoration near the entryway, but you need not buy an expensive pre-decorated one. Try a plain green leaf arrangement; accentuate this with a few red ribbons and pieces of cut tinsel to bring out the color. To match rooms with amber or muted beige color tones, a light spray of fast drying gold paint applied lightly to the wreath will complement your home décor. For entryways that need some lighting, you can wrap safety Christmas lights around your wreath, with careful attention to keep the bulbs off any paper the decoration may have. To purchase your wreaths at bargain prices, try visiting a year-round Christmas store.  Many of these are available online. Additional savings may be had when buying your next year's decorations the day after this year's holiday.

For an extra splash of holiday color in your entryway, try wrapping your year-round wall paintings or prints in foil wrapping paper and placing them back on the wall. They will look like hanging Christmas presents, and your color choice options in wrapping paper are endless.

Another entryway area not to be overlooked is the floor mat. Online auction houses have super deals on Christmas mats, as they have to sell them quickly in November and be rid of them by January. The artwork is clever and can personalize your home, with designs ranging from kittens wearing Santa hats to Christmas trees. Following a coordinated color scheme is easy this time of year, as the dominant theme is red and green, but most rich, bold hues are color compatible to most Christmas décor, so you have plenty of range to express yourself in your holiday creations.


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