How To Decorate Your Front Banister for Christmas

Lively Christmas lights

We've all seen those holiday movies with the incredible Christmas decorations. It seems like every one of them has that classic front staircase, decked out like something from a Dickens classic. But unless you are Martha Stewart, it is way too much trouble to get that look, right? Wrong! Here are three great ideas for decorating your front banister for Christmas.

For many of us, Christmas is all about tradition and classic style so you can't go wrong if you wrap your banister in a pine garland. If you aren't comfortable with shedding needles, choose an artificial garland.  You can spice up the look by adding a red velvet ribbon and alternating the two as you wrap the garland. If you have access to an electrical plug near you banister, a pre-lit garland is also a pretty option.

Another lovely way to decorate your front banister for Christmas is to hang icicle lights from the banister railing. As with the lighted garland, this requires access to an electrical outlet, but if you do it well the effect is beautiful and unique. It may be worth dragging out an extension cord.

The final option is for lovers of whimsy. Locate two or three medium to large Christmas plush characters with arms and legs that are long enough to wrap around the railing of your front banister.  Sew or stick small pieces of Velcro to each arm and leg. Now wrap the plush around the banister, so that the characters are 'hugging' the rail of the banister.  Now Santa and Frosty can appear to have races sliding down the banister all season Christmas long.  This is an option that will have your children -- and the child in you -- squealing with delight.

None of these options will take very long to assemble, so you can get the decorating done in a snap. What's more, none of the materials are particularly expensive. However, if you need to cut down on costs, all of the items required for the above looks can be purchased from your local craft store at substantial savings either just before, or just after, the Christmas season.

Whichever look you choose, have fun decorating your front banister for Christmas!


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