How To Decorate Your Front Porch for Christmas

Snowman in the lawn

After Thanksgiving, sometimes even before, people begin getting ready for Christmas. December gives twenty-four days before the Big One, but it shouldn't take more than one hardworking afternoon to decorate a porch for Christmas.

The size of one's porch determines the way it can and should be decorated.  Having too many decorations, no matter how beautifully done, can make a porch look cheap or cluttered.  It's better to follow the rule "keep it simple" because, as in so many things, the simpler you keep your decorations, the greater the appeal. One main decoration with small accents around it is much more aesthetic than throwing every Christmas cliché available onto one's porch or lawn.

The traditional Christmas colors are red and green with accent colors such as gold, silver, and white added to each person's liking. Christmas lights come in strings of different colors, usually red, green, and white, but other colors are available as well. It is a good idea to string the lights up above the porch or along the guardrails, or wherever there is a convenient plug.  The lights serve as a base for the rest of the decorations.

A decoration often used in conjunction with lights is the Christmas bow.  If done correctly and not to excess, bows can be a lovely accent to the porch.

Red velvet bows are both beautiful and very festive.  Space the bows along your porch's guardrails, using a total of three to five bows depending on the size of the porch.  Once the bows and lights are up it is a good idea to assess the work; consider whether additional decorations are needed. Often lights and bows are enough to transform any porch into a festive one.

For extremely large porches or for those decorators who feel especially festive, other decorations can be added.  There are many Christmas symbols that make eye-catching decorations, for instance: Santa Claus, his reindeer, snowmen, candy canes, or manger scenes.

These decorations are made from lots of different materials such as plastic, stone, or wood. The size of the decoration and its material will determine the price.  It is important to note that some decorations may need to be secured to the porch or set up inside, in windows facing the porch, to protect them from thieves and vandals.

The most important thing about decorating porches for Christmas or any holiday is to do whatever makes the family happy, because Christmas is a time for fun and love, not overwork or perfection.


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