How To Find a Parking Place During the Holiday Shopping Spree

The holiday months can bring quite a crowd to the mall or other popular shopping destinations. This means that parking spaces are hard to find. Do you often circle endlessly in vain looking for a parking place? Here’s how to find a parking place during the holiday shopping spree:

  1. Visit during quiet hours. The best way to find a parking place during the holiday season is to avoid times when the lot will be full. Try to shop in the morning, if you can, to beat the rush. When there are less people in the store, there will be fewer cars in the parking lot, which means less competition for the parking spaces.
  2. Look for taillights. As you enter the parking lot, watch for taillights, because these are a sign that you have arrived right as someone is leaving. These are your best bet because they are already in their car and ready to pull out of the spot, meaning that you arrived at exactly the right time. Wait patiently until they leave so that you can park in their spot, and watch for others who may have the same idea about the same spot.
  3. Keep your eye on the next row over. While you are driving up and down the rows of the parking lot, keep your eye on the rows on either side of you. You may get lucky and someone will be pulling out of one of those spots while you are in the next row over, or one of those parking places may already be empty.
  4. Watch shoppers leaving the store. If there are no empty spots in the parking lot, watch shoppers leaving the store and heading for their cars. Follow them to their cars. Do not follow too closely, and do not follow anyone with several small children or large carts of purchases, because they will take longer to leave their parking spot.
  5. Park further away from the store. Be willing to park somewhere other than the coveted first few spots from the door. Often, you can circle the lot for half an hour waiting for a spot close to the door when the back half of the parking lot is empty. If you’re willing to walk a short distance, you’ll be able to find a parking place much faster. Trying to find parking during the holiday shopping spree can be a nightmare. When you enter the parking lot, have a plan for finding parking. Be patient and alert while looking for an available parking space, but if the lot is packed, realize that you may be waiting for a while if you’re not willing to park further back in the lot.


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