How To Find an Unusual Gift

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When a special occasion comes up, you would always want to give your special someone what you think he or she is worthy of. You want to get him a gift that is somewhat unexpected and totally unusual. A gift that exceeds expectations is usually hard to find or hard to think of! It may take you months to prepare but you are willing to try anything for that perfect gift. You have to find out what that person loves to do to have an idea of what kind of gift to give him. Here are some tips on how to find that unusual present that would make your special someone remember you.

  1. Be on the lookout for bazaars. Bazaar vendors are people who do not usually own a store or a stall. These bazaars open mostly on seasons—Christmas, Halloween, summer sales, etc., but whatever the season is, there would always be one or two unusual vendors that sell rare or hard to find gifts. A good bazaar is one that has international items on sale. You would never know what to find, you could even find items that came from Peru or Brazil!
  2. Customize your gift. A one of a kind gift always sticks to the recipient’s memory. To assure yourself that you are getting the most unique gift that no one can buy from a gift store, get into crafts and make your own gift. Sew, knit, make scented candles or put together a scrapbook. If you are not a “crafts” person, find someone who is into ir and ask him to do the job for you.
  3. Search the Internet. You can find unusual gifts from sites like This site is an awesomely cool store and it has a blog on really unique gifts. Browse thru other sites like and These online stores offer a vast collection of gifts that you cannot find in a gift shop.
  4. Check out museum shops. If there is one place that houses unique items, it is a museum. Check out your local museum’s shops. You would find that there are more in these places than just postcards. Items that are specifically made for the museum are usually one of a kind.
  5. Don’t dismiss catalogs. Catalogs sent out by a store or an online gift shop contains items that are offered for a limited time. Browse through them. There is a big chance you will find something that is not mass produced.
  6. Go combinations. Put together items you bought from different shops. You could use a vintage jewelry box and adorn it with pieces of crystals that you bought from another store. You could buy an unusual picture frame and put in a caricature of the recipient of your gift. There are many ways to combine small gifts to make a unique one. You just need to travel to two or more stores to pick up the pieces and put them together.

Finding gifts is fun. Witnessing the expression of that someone who gets it is even priceless. Whatever you decide to give – whether it is executive, luxury or a funky find, unusual gifts are usually the ones most people will remember. It is because it speaks to them more than a t-shirt or a pair of socks. An unusual gift is, in other words, a “personalized” gift.


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