How To Find Christmas in You

Getting Back on Track

Everyone says it is Christmas, but for me it is nowhere to be found. I see lights, but I always see lights. There are so many people, but it is always crowded. So, the music is changed. But I still don’t see it.

Are evergreen trees really a part of the holiday? Why do they decorate a tree? What is this December 25th? Is Santa really Santa?

Someone tell me how to find it. Maybe nobody can. There are no family or friends for me.

It is Christ’s birthday, but who has time for church? Oh, where is this holiday that they speak so highly about?

Just one more hour before my train arrives, and no answer can be found.

There is a man ringing a bell. Maybe I will give him ten dollars. He says, “Thank you for making my Christmas.”

It hit me. Is it possible? Something insignificant made a world of difference for someone else. My eyes did not see because I could not feel. There is my train. Got to get home. I'll make my list.

  1. Stop by that quaint little church.
  2. Give a shout to family.
  3. Pick up a Christmas tree.
  4. Write a letter to Santa.

Christmas is me.

Sometimes what you expect to find, happens to be more how you make it.


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