How To Find Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

It's the holiday time and you haven't begun to do any of your decorating. Or you're on a budget this year and just don't know what to do. Just look around your home and you might have some decorations right at your fingertips - items that you have never even thought of using. Try to see your supplies with a new eye this Christmas; some of them should be taken out of their boxes and put to use decorating your home.

Step 1

Consider the possibilities of sewing supplies - the multi-colored beauty of threads, the intricate weaves of ribbons and braids, and the diversity of a button collection might all become important elements in a holiday arrangement.

Step 2

Anyone who sews seems to accumulate an assortment of spools of thread - these look lovely placed in baskets against a background of candles.

Step 3

Other craft supplies have equally pleasing colors and shapes - balls of yarn and folded fabrics, jars of paint and interesting papers - use your imagination to create a still life arrangement featuring them. Your decorations will be unique and so appropriate to your lifestyle.

Step 4

Other decorations may be made from some of the items that you have collected over the years. An assortment of unmatched goblets is put to use holding votive candles. Arranged on a brass tray with a mirror behind the facets of the crystal reflecting the candles in a spectacular display of light.

Step 5

A collection of shells and sea urchins is lovely in a tabletop decoration. A copper bowl is filled with the pastel shells. Woven through the arrangement is a string of tiny white lights which twinkle as they illuminate the shells and the delicate baby's breath tucked around the edge.

Step 6

If you have some empty baskets just sitting around, fill them with pine cones or sprigs of holly with berries. Or fill a basket with peanuts for guest to nibble one.

All you need to do is take a deep breath, step back, look around your home and just begin to use your imagination to see what you already have in a whole new way.


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