How To Get a North Pole AK Postmark for Your Child's Letter from Santa

Santa's Address Is a Post Office in Alaska

Santa's a very busy person during the holidays, so he often relies on parents and grandparents to help him answer his mail. If you're acting as an honorary elf this year and helping the St. Nick respond to a child's letter, don't forget the important step of getting a North Pole postmark. It's easy, it only costs the price of a stamp, and it will help keep Santa's magic alive for another year.

Step 1

Help your child write a letter to Santa. You can make this a special event by putting on some Christmas music, brewing up some hot cocoa, and finding some special paper for your child to write his or her letter to Santa Claus. This is also a great opportunity to help kids learn about spelling, grammar and the etiquette of letter writing.

Once your child finishes the letter, have him or her put it in an envelope, seal it, and address it to Santa at the North Pole. Then you'll need to make sure the letter makes it to the proper destination. Remember that Santa is very busy at this time of year. So one of your jobs as an honorary elf is to help route the mail properly. You can either walk with your child to the mailbox in front of your house or, if you live in a condo or another home where your mailbox drop box is locked, you might want to suggest that you'll drop it at the post office on the way to work or another time when you're alone (wink, wink). Then be sure you keep Santa's letter in a safe place so you can help him answer it.

Step 2

Help Santa prepare his response. During the holidays, Santa has to visit children at malls all around the country, supervise hundreds of elves, and get his reindeer ready to fly. So you'll need to draft a letter for him. If you search for "free printable Santa letters" on the web, you'll find examples of the kinds of things Santa usually writes in his letters. Get some nice stationery, use these samples and craft a response to your child's letter. Then put the letter in an envelope, address it to your child, and stamp it.

Step 3

Send the letter to North Pole, AK for Santa's official postmark. Now you're ready to send the letter to Santa at the North Pole. Take the envelope you just addressed to your child and put it in a larger envelope. Then stamp that envelope and address it to: North Pole Christmas Cancellation, Postmaster, 5400 Mail Trail, Fairbanks, AK 99709-9999.

Once Santa's elves at the North Pole post office get your letter, they'll open the outer envelope, magically get Santa's approval for the letter you drafted in the inner envelope, and affix a North Pole postmark to the inner envelope. Then they'll send it to the address on the envelope. Of course, Santa doesn't charge extra for this service. Just make sure you have enough regular U.S. postage on both envelopes. And be sure to get your letter to the North Pole no later than December 15 to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho! 


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