How To Hide Christmas Presents

They say they won't, but your children will inevitably have the urge to poke and prod at their presents under the Christmas tree. The only way to take away the temptation is to find a great hiding spot for your Christmas presents. This year, keep inquisitive little hands off of Christmas presents by considering these suggestions on where and how to hide them.

Step 1

Don't let your children see you wrapping the gifts. If you don't want your children to be curious about their gifts this Christmas, don't even let them see them. Make a point of wrapping your children's Christmas gifts while they're sleeping or out of the house. Then clean up the mess entirely so that they're oblivious to your scheme, and work on finding somewhere to stash the presents until Christmas morning.

Step 2

Put the presents in grocery bags or boxes. If you've got a storage room that is full of boxes and bags, consider stashing your Christmas presents there. The room is not likely to be somewhere that your children will venture too often, so they won't even notice a few extra cardboard boxes or plastic bags on the shelves. Snatch up the opportunity to disguise your holiday gifts in unlikely packaging. (Just be sure they're still wrapped - you never know how clever your kids really are!)

Step 3

Choose a locked room. If you know that your kids will hunt high and low for their Christmas presents this year, then you may need to go to extremes and declare a room of your home "off limits" until after Christmas. Ideally, this room would have a lock on it and you'd carry the only key. Consider putting presents in the attic, the basement, or a spare room. It needs to be a room that your children wouldn't need to use anyway. And as always, wrap the gifts right away no matter where you're placing them so that even a sneaky child won't be able to recognize the contents of the gift. (If you are pressed for time, a thick towel or blanket works as a great cover until you have time to properly wrap your Christmas presents.)

Step 4

Think up! Your kids may be smart, but they're not tall. Use this to your advantage by hiding your Christmas presents on the highest shelves in your home. You likely have a linen closet with tall shelving. Or what about the shelving in your garage or basement storage room? Put the wrapped gifts up as high as possible so that your little munchkins won't be able to reach them.

Step 5

Enlist the help of a friend or neighbor. If it's just not safe to keep Christmas presents in your house, consider storing them somewhere else. Look to a neighbor or a close family relative for help. See if they're willing to part with an empty corner in their home until Christmas arrives. The kids won't ever see any of the Christmas gifts you got for them before Christmas, which will make Christmas morning a very exciting and truly surprising one this year.


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