How To Host a Holiday Cookie Swap

The holiday season is a season of giving. The holiday season is the best time to enjoy the company of your loved ones. This is also the best time to give thanks and share your blessings. A good way of letting your loved one knows that you care for them is by holding a cookie swap. The concept of cookie exchange allows you to hold the tradition of baking cookies during holidays while sharing it to your loved ones. It is not difficult to host a holiday cookie swap, especially if you know a few tips.

Here are the steps on how to host a holiday cookie swap.

  • Create a guest list. Your guest list should consist of your closes friends who share the same interest as you, which is baking cookies. It could be anyone – your friends, relatives or colleagues. You should also decide how many guests you want to invite. This will establish how many varieties of cookies you will have for the exchange. Just remember that fewer guests would mean fewer varieties of cookies.
  • Formulate rules. Since you will be dealing with a cookie swap, you need some ground rules to make sure that things will be organized. Coordinate with your guests. Have it a rule to bake one specific variety for each visitor. This will minimize the possibility getting the same variety.
  • Send invitations. The invitation for this type of event can be formal or not. It is typical that the organizer invites the guests informally using phone calls or emails. However, if you are organizing a more formal cookie swap, you can create invitations and send them out to your guests. Make sure to send the invitations at least 3 weeks before the event. This will give you guests ample of time to prepare for the cookie swap.
  • Display the cookies. At the day of the event, gather your guests and display all the cookies they brought. You may also have a taste test. You can also ask your guests to provide basic information regarding the cookies they baked. You may also want to provide some milk for the cookies.
  • Exchange cookies. After tasting the varieties of cookies, you can now start swapping cookies with your guests. To do this, ask your guests to divide the set of cookies they brought onto a container. Afterward, ask each of your guests to get a dozen of different varieties of cookies. Have extra containers to put the cookies that your guests picked. After the event, you can spend time to gather up and have chitchats while enjoying the cookies you have.

These are the steps on how to host a holiday cookie swap. When hosting a cookie exchange event, you may want to keep this for ladies only. This can be the best way to spend some quality time with your girl friends. You may also want to consider setting the time during the night. Aside from the cookie exchange, you and your guests may also have dinner together. This way, you can have some time to chat with your guests. It may also be a good idea for you and your visitors to exchange cookie recipes, as well.


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