How To Mail Holiday Cards Abroad

During the holiday season, it is always nice to sip hot chocolate, listen to carols, and maybe even sit by a roaring fire while writing out your holiday cards.  Sending holiday cards to friends and family locally is always easy.  But what is the best way to send holiday cards to friends and family who live abroad?  

  1. First, choose the holiday cards you wish to send.  Use colorful and cheery holiday stationery, selecting the ones that best reflect your style as well as represent the holiday spirit.  Remember that over-sized and thick cards will require additional postage, and that envelopes must be at least three-and-a-half by five inches.
  2. Next, make sure you have a list of names and accurate addresses for those living abroad.  You can either save the list in your computer and print them out on self-adhesive labels - there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from - or you may write out the names and addresses for a more personalized touch.  However, if you are writing out the addresses, make sure the words are written clearly, and be sure to include the English name of the country where the holiday card is going to be sent. 
  3. Once the envelopes are addressed (don't forget to include a return address!), begin writing out your holiday cards.  Include a note in each holiday card that is unique to each recipient, or you may include a family newsletter that shares your family's past year with those living abroad.  If you include a family newsletter, it can be the same for each recipient, and if you wish, you may even include a personalized note for added measure.  You may even want to include a recent photo. 
  4. When your holiday cards are written out, addressed, and sealed, take them to your local post office.
  5. The post office will weigh the cards and will charge about sixty cents for the first half ounce and fifty cents for each additional half ounce. Allow at least seven days for delivery, with two weeks being best to ensure those living abroad receive your holiday cards on time.

Remember, delivery of your holiday cards may be delayed in some countries if you have decorated the envelope with drawings and/or stickers.


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