How To Make a Christmas Shopping List

A Creative Way to Make Sure You Didn't Forget Anyone on Your Christmas List!

There are lots of Christmas presents to buy.  Family, friends, and neighbors all make up the list.  Here is a simple way to keep your list organized so no one is forgotten during this special time of year.

  1. Buy self-adhesive labels.  Check out your local office supply store.  Buy a set of blank mailing labels.
  2. Decorate. The sky is the limit on how to decorate the mailing labels.  Various software programs can create mailing labels using different fonts, greetings, and graphics.  Or you can choose to handwrite the messages and add a small sticker to every corner.
  3. Make the List. Begin with everyone in your family that you want to include on your Christmas shopping list.  Add your friends, co-workers, significant others, and/or neighbors.  Check the list to make sure that you have included everyone.  Keep a hand written back up if you need to refer to it to make sure you did include so and so on the list.
  4. Address the Labels.  After you have added the final decorative touches, completely fill out the "to" and "from" portions of the labels with the appropriate names.  If you prefer printed labels, certain softwares allow you to program and print multiple names and messages.
  5. Go shopping.  After you buy each gift, wrap it and simply peel the name off your Christmas shopping list.  The names that are left are the friends and family that you still need to buy gifts for.


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