How To Make a Coupon Book for Your Lover

Not sure what to get your lover for a special occasion?  A coupon book is a great idea that is sure to please.  The appeal to coupon books is that they are handmade especially for the love in your life.  They also give you an opportunity to shower your lover with all the special things in your relationship.

To get started is easy.  One way you can make a coupon book for your lover is from scratch, using your own paper and handwriting.  First, choose some construction or computer paper.  Cut the paper into the same sizes, ideally in rectangular shapes.  You can use an index card to trace around.

Then write on each of the cards, “Present this coupon for…” and add several straight lines using a ruler.  You can then fill in the different things the coupons can be used for.  For a romantic edge, try coupons that can be used for free massages, kisses and cuddles.  For a fun and thoughtful message, try coupons that focus on helping around the house or with the kids, or perhaps seeing your lover’s favorite movie.

Once everything has been written in, you can clip your coupon book together using a stapler.  Or, choose to hole punch your coupons and then tie them together with ribbon or yarn.

If you decide that your handwriting and art ability isn’t up to par, you can also choose to make your coupon book on the computer.  Use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  You will then want to type the same message of “Present this coupon for…”.  Choose the font size and style that you want using the Format menu.  Then use the underline key to make several lines underneath the message.  You will then want to copy and paste this message over and over again until you’ve reached the desired amount of coupons.  To make your coupons the same size, divide your page into two columns.

Once completed, you can make a cover page to attach to your coupon book for your lover.  Then print off your pages and attach them together using a hole punch or stapler.  You will first need to cut your coupons as evenly as possible, so that the edges line up neatly.  For an added touch, print off your coupons using different colored computer paper.

In just a few easy steps, you now have a coupon book for your lover; a gift from the heart, yet fun and unique.  Whenever your lover is ready, he or she can simply rip out one of the coupons and cash it in for some fun.


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