How To Make a Designer Halloween Scarecrow

Desigining scarecrows or any other holiday or home decorations is easy once you have a few art classes under your belt. A Halloween scarecrow is the perfect fall decoration. They are easy and fun to assemble for your yard or garden. Cheap to make, most of the supplies can be found at yard sales or even in your own closet. Here’s how to make a designer Halloween scarecrow: Supplies: Pants Shirt Shoes Hats, gloves, glasses, ties, suspenders, or other accessories Straw, leaves, or rags to stuff the clothes Twine Pumpkin, Styrofoam ball, or brown paper bag for scarecrow’s head Markers or paint Wooden dowels or yard sticks Pins Straw bales or old chair (optional)

  1. Stuff the clothing. The clothing you choose for this project should be clothes that you don’t mind leaving outside for a month in the rain. First, tie off the ends of the pant legs and shirt sleeves using twine. Make sure that it is secure enough to withstand the weather, but leave it slightly loose to allow some of the filling to peek out of the cuffs. Then stuff the shirt and pants with straw, leaves, or rags. Place dowels, wires, or yardsticks inside the sleeves and pant legs to give it structure.
  2. Make the scarecrow’s head. You can use a pumpkin, Styrofoam ball, or brown paper bag stuffed with leaves or straw for the scarecrow’s head. Decorate the chosen head with leaves and facial features. If you want, add twine for hair; you can cover the top of the head with a hat later, so where the hair is attached to the head will not show.
  3. Assemble the scarecrow. Attach the head to the shirt using pins. Then tuck the shirt into the pants, and pin them together so they don’t come undone.
  4. Accessorize. To complete the look, add shoes, suspenders, ties, glasses, gloves, hats, or other accessories. You can pile them on, or choose a few accessories to give your scarecrow a particular look.
  5. Place your scarecrow outside. The scarecrow can be placed against a post or tree, or seated on a bale of straw or an old chair. You may want to tie him in place using twine so he doesn’t fall, especially if you expect it to be windy. Be creative when making your own designer Halloween scarecrow! You don’t have to make a male scarecrow. You can make aliens, children, or female scarecrows too. Creativity is key when you want to make the best Halloween scarecrow!

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