How To Make a Ghost Costume: Easy Halloween Costume

Making Ghost Costumes is Simple and Fun with These Steps

Ghost costumes are one of the most common and well known costumes worn at Halloween. It's sometimes used to conceal a person’s identity while pulling pranks on other people. Others wear it because it is simpler than dressing up as Frankenstein. Another good thing about it is the ease of wearing it. One can move freely inside the blanket or sheet.

The ghost costume comes in a wide range of design. Some prefer it plain white while others add extra designs. Some are made from high quality materials, making it more expensive than less intricate, ready-made versions. Creating a ghost costume is quite simple and comes with a few easy steps. Here's how to create your very own:
Materials Needed

  •  A pair of scissors
  •  White blanket or sheet
  •  Marker or pen
  •  Glue or paste
  •  Paint and paintbrushes  (for application of decorative details)


  • Find a white blanket or sheet that can be cut freely. 
  • Cover yourself using the white sheet/blanket to see if it fits you.
  • Use a marker or pen to encircle the guide for the eye-holes. Make sure it is aligned to the eyes of the person who will wear it.
  • If the sheet is too long, mark the excess part or the part where you want to cut.
  • After marking, you can take the sheet off and put it down in a clean dry place
  • Cut the eye part you’ve marked with your marker/pen
  • Tear or cut off the bottom part of the blanket that you have marked (doesn’t need to be cut perfectly, you can give it a more intense look if it is torn).
  • To avoid the ends of the sheet from wearing out, you can brush it with glue or paste

Making a ghost costume is very easy compared to others used during Halloween. You might find some people adding props such as “Jack O’ Lanterns” or perhaps turning a flashlight on underneath. 

To make it more effective, you can ask your friends for opinions or try decorating it with a little red or black color too add a scary effect. Just a pinch of effort and you are ready to scare your friends or knock on every single front door in your area.


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