How To Make a Great Christmas Stocking

Every holiday needs its symbols and one central to Christmas is the row of stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle. Consider adding a special touch to your holiday décor by making your own Christmas stockings. Follow these steps and you can make holiday stockings that will wow your family.

  1. Gather the materials. Before you get started it helps to makes some design choices. The options for Christmas stockings are limitless. Red or green felt or fleece might be the most common fabrics for stockings but you can also use a satin, flannel, faux fur or any other fabric you can think of in just about any color you desire. You don't have to stick with traditional colors of red and green. Consider classy metallic silver or gold in combination with a midnight blue or deep burgundy for a new tradition or choose any color that suits your personal taste. Then gather some ribbon, glitter and needle and thread for the stocking construction.
  2. Choose the pattern. There are several options available for stocking shapes. Choose the long and thin wool stocking style or a wide boot shape. Then select a pattern from the fabric store or use a stocking you already have as a pattern for the stocking. Once you've chosen the pattern, trace it twice onto the fabric for the front and back sides of the stocking.
  3. Cut out the pattern. After tracing the pattern shape you want, use scissors to cut around the pattern leaving a ¼ inch edge on all sides.
  4. Sew the stocking. The stocking needs to be sewn closed on all sides except the top. You can sew around the outside for a rustic look or sew the seam on the inside then once the seam is complete, turn the entire stocking inside out so the seam is hidden. The choice is up to you so decide what look you prefer then sew the Christmas stocking.
  5. Add the tab for the hook. Use the excess fabric from the stocking and cut a strip three inches long by ½ inch wide. Fold the strip in half and then sew the joined ends together at the top corner of the stocking. This tab will create a loop to be used to hang the stocking from a nail or stocking hook on the fireplace mantle.
  6. Add embellishments. Many holiday stockings are trimmed with a faux fur cuff at the top or some other decoration. Consider adding the stocking owner's name in glitter at the top or along one side. Add ribbon or roped trim and any other look that you like.

Christmas stockings can be both beautiful and comforting. By making your family's stockings at home you can create stockings that suit each member of the family and their personal style.


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