How To Make a Holiday Gift Box

Buying a holiday gift box can be expensive. The good news is that gift boxes are easy to make. We can create our own design, select the materials we want and customize the size of our choice. It will be more appreciated by the people who will receive the gift, since we have created the gift boxes ourselves. We can also use scrap materials, recycle items we can no longer use at home and contribute to saving the environment. Out of these materials, you can create Christmas card gift boxes, paper boxes, wine gift boxes and wooden boxes that you can use to wrap small gifts in this coming holiday season. Recycle the old Christmas cards and make them into pleasant gift boxes. These practical ideas will not only help to save you a lot of money, but they will exercise your creative mind and bring out the artistic side of you. 

Here are some of the materials that you can use in order for you to make a nice holiday gift box.

  • Used cartons or cardboard
  • Scissors 
  • Glue, Paste or Tape 
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil 
  • Ribbon or tie
  • Coloring materials

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to create a nice holiday gift box this coming holiday season.

  1. Create a motif/theme of your choice. Visualize what kind of holiday box you will create.
  2. Once you have decided the holiday gift box that you will make, picture what size of holiday gift box you want to make. This will ensure that you will not run out of cartons for the ideal size that you have set. Measure the gift that you will put inside the holiday gift box and give ample allowance in case you need to modify it. 
  3. To create a perfect box with a lid that can be pulled out, you need to create a single strip of cardboard with that is made up of six perfect squares. To do this, take your ruler and pencil and draw a perfect square near the center of the cardboard. The size of the square is equal to the size of the sides of the box. This is the first square and will act as the base of the box.
  4. From the single square, attach four other squares to each side. The other squares should have a size equivalent to the center square. These four squares protruding from the center square will serve as the walls for the box.
  5. Choose one among any of the four wall squares, and add another square. At this point, you should arrive at six squares: one base square, four wall squares, and one lid square connected to one wall.
  6. Cut out the shape which these six interconnected squares form. Afterwards, take a cutter or ruler and lightly bend the squares. This will allow you to lift up the wall squares around the base. Pull the lid square over the walls, to close the box.
  7. Use small strips of cardboard to connect the walls of the boxes from inside. Do this by adding glue to the tips of the strips, and using these strips to keep the box in position. The only side that should not be held down by the strips is the lid square, which the recipient of the holiday gift box should be able to open.
  8. For the lid square, take two pieces of ribbon. One will be attached to the lid square, while the other will be attached to the wall square facing the tip of the lid square. Once the two ribbons have been glued in place, you will be able to tie the box to close it. Make sure to choose a ribbon that will match the over-all decorations you will apply on the box.
  9. Finally, decorate the box with bows, glitters, and other accessories that will lend a festive air for the box.

Creating a holiday box is easy. If you don’t have time to make one, you can visit Gift Box Corporation and get the exciting gift boxes you need. The gift delivery is fast. But if you are artistic and you want to save cash, create your personalized holiday gift box using scrap materials from your home.


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