How To Make a Last Minute Halloween Costume

Wearing Halloween costume
Sure, you have great plans for an elaborate Halloween costume for that special party, but what happens when you wake up Halloween morning and realize that the day has come and the costume has not materialized?  Here are some great last minute Halloween costumes that can be made with a minimum of both time and energy.

Step 1

The good old toga costume.  Everyone has sheets, so just wrap a sheet around you toga-style and pin it in place.  Wear sandals - gladiator sandals if you have them - and cut a branch of some type of leaves from the garden for a wreath of "laurels" on your head.  Just make sure the plant you pick isn't poison oak or this last minute Halloween costume will leave memories for a while!

Step 2

Incorporate bathrobes.  For men, wear pajama pants and a bathrobe and carry a martini glass around: you're Hugh Hefner!  For women, try pajamas or a nightgown, slippers, and maybe a bathrobe, put your hair in pigtails, and you're a baby.  These are two very easy last minute Halloween costumes.

Step 3

Try a pun.  Some last minute Halloween costumes can be witty.  Use makeup to create a black eye and pin a big white letter "P" on to a black shirt and -- voila -- you're a Black Eyed "P."  Get a rubber pig snout from a party supply store and wrap yourself in a blanket and you're a Pig in a Blanket.

Step 4

Be a load of laundry.  A great last minute Halloween costume for anyone who owns clothing: gather up some of those clothes which are lying all over your floor anyway and pin them to the clothes you are wearing.  Add a couple of dryer sheets in random places and you're a load of laundry that just came out of the dryer.

Step 5

Use aluminum foil.  If you have enough aluminum foil in the house, it can be used for a variety of last minute Halloween costumes.  Wrap yourself or your child in aluminum foil and you have a baked potato or a burrito, depending on the style of wrapping.  Cover some boxes in aluminum foil and put them over your arms, legs, and middle and you can be a robot.  None of these last minute Halloween costumes take much time, just a lot of aluminum foil.

Step 6

Raid your closet.  Many women have old bridesmaid dresses that they'll never use again -- here's the perfect opportunity to wear them!  For this last minute Halloween costume, either wear the bridesmaid dress alone or with a crown to be a princess or with running shoes to be a runaway bride.

Step 7

Hit the thrift store.  If you're looking for a last minute Halloween costume and you have even an hour free, go to a thrift store and see what you find!  You could happen upon a treasure trove of hats, wigs, accessories, and vintage pieces for any last minute Halloween costume you can imagine!

Just because you forgot about Halloween -- or any costume occasion -- does not mean you are destined to go without a costume.  A little imagination and a search around your house can yield endless possibilities for clever and funny last minute Halloween costumes!


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