How To Make a Santa Face

Christmas is a great time to gather the kids and make some holiday crafts. Here is a guide on how you can make a Santa face using nylons and an old hanger.

Step 1

Gather your supplies. In order to construct this Santa Face, you'll need the following supplies:

  • Metal coat hanger
  • A pair of pantyhose
  • Cotton balls
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

You can decide whether or not to use hot glue on this project. It will dry faster, but it limits how much the kids can do independently. On the other hand, white glue will take hours to dry, and it's a little difficult to make it stick to the nylons as it dries.

Step 2

Start by forming Santa's face. The first step in creating this cute Santa face is to mold the hanger into a face shape. Grab the hook part of the hanger and the bottom of the hanger, and pull in opposite directions. This will create a diamond shape out of the hanger. Continue to pull at opposite sides of the hanger until you create a more rounded shape. (It doesn't have to be perfect.) And it's okay for the kids to get creative with Santa's face shape. Maybe he has a long face, or maybe he has some chubby cheeks. Just about anything that resembles a face will do.

Step 3

Cover the face with pantyhose. When you are happy with your face shape, you will need to attach Santa's ‘skin' - the nylons - to the hanger. Start by firmly attaching the top of the waist of the nylons to the hook of the hanger. Make sure it is knotted well and won't come loose, or use an elastic to hold it firmly in place. Then pull the nylons upward and over the hanger until the hanger is completely within the waist of the nylons. Tie the two legs of the nylons in a knot so that they won't slip off of Santa's face. And then trim off the nylon legs, leaving about 2 inches of excess nylon above the knot.

Step 4

Create Santa's hat. This is where you and the kids can get creative. Santa needs a hat! Using red construction paper, measure the width of Santa's face and mark both edges on your construction paper. Then cut a triangular shape out of the construction paper, ensuring that you don't cut the hat smaller than the width of Santa's head. Add a cotton ball on top of the hat, and a few around the base. Then glue the hat onto the top of Santa's face, covering the hook part of the hanger.

Step 5

Give Santa a face. Using colored paper, create two eyes, a nose and a mouth for Santa. (If you have googly eyes, these will work too). Glue the features of the face on the nylon skin. Be careful not to touch them afterwards until they dry, or they may shift.

Step 6

Don't forget the beard. It wouldn't be a Santa face without a beard. Use lots of cotton balls to create a fluffy beard for Santa. Try not to cover up his mouth though! You can glue a bit of construction paper below Santa's face so that you can extend the length of his beard. Once you've done this, your Santa face is complete.


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