How To Make a Simple Ornament

Easy Christmas Crafts

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree.  Adults and children can make a simple Christmas ornament.  The materials needed are glitter, newspaper, ribbon/string, pine cones, and glue.  As always, children should be supervised by an adult. 

Step 1

Spread Out Newspaper.  Cover the table or working area with newspaper.  The newspaper will help prevent a mess from the glue and glitter.  Make sure that you have all materials ready.

Step 2

Grab a Pinecone.  Place a pinecone in the center of the newspaper.  Open the glue and generously apply glue to the various layers of the pinecone.  Start at the bottom of the pinecome and work your way to the top.  

Step 3

Apply Glitter.  Sprinkle glitter onto the pinecone.  Any glitter that does not stick to the pinecone should fall on the newspaper.  After you have applied the glitter, lift both ends of the newspaper to gather all of the unused glitter in the center of the newspaper.  Pour the unused glitter back into the bottle to reuse.

Step 4

Add a Hook.  Place a fair amount of glue at the top of the pine cone.  Cut off a small piece of string or ribbon and place both ends in the glue.  Once it has dried, the ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree.

The pinecones make a simple Christmas ornament.  Different versions can be made by replacing the glitter with small colorful fuzz balls or small jingle bells.  


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