How To Make a Yule Gift Basket

Yule is a holiday that is celebrated by pagans. This is celebrated annually on the 25th of December and is seen as the Christmas of pagans. This winter celebration is special for many people. For some pagans, Yule is a religious celebration while others see it as a time for fertility and peace. There are several traditions that are followed during the Yule season.

Pagans also use this time for gift giving, just like the Christians do during Christmas. One way to show your appreciation to friends and family is by giving them a Yule gift basket for the occasion.

Here are the steps on how you can create your own Yule basket:

  1. Materials. Gather all the materials that you are going to use in making your Yule gift basket. It is important that you create your gift basket with as much recycled materials as possible because preservation of the Earth’s resources is one thing that is important for Pagans. The things that you will need are a basket, some ribbons or trimmings and the items that you want to put inside the basket. This can be food items, utensils or other items that they can use for the season.
  2. Prepare the basket. If you are using an old basket, you can make it look new by painting it with another color or decorating the handle with ribbons. You can also wrap a ribbon around the base of the basket. Use a lining at the bottom of the basket. You can use an old blanket or cloth for this.
  3. Arranging the gift basket. The next step is to arrange the contents of the gift basket. Do not just put the items inside the basket. Make sure to arrange it in an organized manner to show how much effort your put in doing your gift basket. Some of the items that you can include in the basket are cocoa packets and mugs. You can also add food items, such as packs of peanuts, oats, cookies or instant soup. You can put the cocoa packets inside the mugs to save space.
  4. Other items to include. Some people also like to put candles inside their Yule baskets. Choose colors that will signify the spirit of the Yule season. These colors are red, green or white.
  5. Greeting card. To make the Yule basket more personalized, what you can do is create a Yule card by yourself. Looking for a Yule card in the bookstore may be hard as this is not a holiday celebrated by a lot of people. Write a short holiday message on the card and sign it. You can put it inside the basket.

These are the steps on how you can make your own Yule basket. You can modify the contents of the basket according to your liking. Giving them knitted gloves, bonnets and quilts is also a good idea for the cold season. Give the Yule basket to your friends and family a few days before the actual holiday.


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