How To Make an Evergreen Garland

At Christmas time, there isn't anything better than the scent of fresh evergreen flowing through your home. It signifies the traditions of the season while it creates a warm and inviting space for your friends and family. This Christmas, use these instructions to decorate your home with evergreen garland.

Step 1

Get lots of evergreen trimmings. To make a luscious evergreen garland, you'll need lots of evergreen clippings. Gather these from trees around your home, or purchase them from your local hardware store or nursery. Don't worry too much about the size or length of the trimmings - just about anything will do.

Step 2

Cut the evergreen trimmings down to size. Once you have gathered all of your evergreen clippings together, you want to cut them to the right size. Uniform pieces make for a much nicer garland, so cut up your trimmings into 6" lengths. Discard any thick or woody branches and just use the trimmings from them. Different types of evergreen are also okay to mix into your garland too. Get creative with the shades of green to make your evergreen garland noticeable.

Step 3

Lay out your twine or rope. You'll need a 10' piece of rope for every evergreen garland you want to make. Twine has a more natural feel to it, so it is recommended. Lay it out on a flat surface and tie a loop into one end of it.

To the loop, attach your floral wire. Try to keep the floral wire (#24 is best) attached to the spool so that you can unwind as much or as little as you need as you go along.

Step 4

Use floral wire to attach the evergreen to the twine. Now you're ready to start attaching your evergreen trimmings to your twine. Gather a handful of evergreen trimmings and bunch the ends together. You may wish to tie the bundle together for extra support, although it is not necessary. Take the bundle of foliage and loop your floral wire around the end of it several times. Try to get the bunch as close to the beginning of your floral wire as possible, so as not to leave any gaps in your evergreen garland. Make sure the stems are pointing away from the loop so that they'll be covered by the next bundle you attach. And don't cut the floral wire until the entire evergreen garland is complete - this will make for a stronger garland.

Continue to attach bundles of evergreen to your twine garland. Make sure that you place the bunches close together so that the stems and twine are covered as much as possible. Again, ensure that all the stems are facing the same direction, which is away from the end you started at. Attach small bunches of evergreen down the entire length of your string, and on all sides of your string so that it appears full.

Step 5

Finish off the ends. Once you have attached evergreen bundles down the entire length of your twine, your evergreen garland is nearly complete. You just need to knot the wire and the string at the end of the garland together so that it won't slip loose. Leave yourself at least an extra foot of wire at the end of your evergreen garland so that you'll easily be able to attach other evergreen garlands you make to it.


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