How To Make Christmas Container Candles

Christmas is a time of year when your house always seems to be filled with wonderful scents and aromas. Instead of buying your candles this year, why not create your own holiday scented candles to keep your house smelling festive? Christmas container candles are inexpensive to make and will add to the holiday ambiance this year. Here's what you'll need to make your own Christmas container candles.

  • a Christmas container (mug, tin, jar or anything that won't leak wax)
  • wax
  • a wick
  • wick glue
  • scent or fragrance
  • colors/dyes (optional)
  • straw
  • old pot
  • stirring spoon

Step 1

Get your container ready. The first step to creating your beautiful Christmas container candles is to prepare your container. Throughout these instructions, we'll refer to the container as a ‘mug,' but you can substitute any sturdy container you have to make these festive candles. Start by cleaning and drying your mug. Put a bit of wick glue on the bottom of the wick (which is usually a round metal piece). Hold the wick down firmly until it has a chance to adhere. Then wrap the upper portion of the wick around your drinking straw and lay the straw across the mug so the wick is perfectly vertical and won't slouch back into the mug.

Step 2

Melt the wax. The next step is to melt the wax needed for your Christmas container candles. The amount of wax you'll need will vary depending on the type of container you're using. In general, a Christmas container candle made from a mug will need about 10 oz. of wax. In an old saucepan, heat the wax to 180˚, stirring often. If you want to add fragrance, add about 1/10 the amount of fragrance compared to the amount of wax you're using. So 10 oz. of wax requires about 1 oz. of fragrance. Let the mixture cool to about 160˚ before continuing to the next step.

Step 3

Fill the Christmas container. Once the wax is melted, very carefully transfer the wax from the pot into your Christmas container. Ensure that you do not bump or dislodge the wick. It needs to remain in the very center of the mug. Set the Christmas container candle aside until it has cooled.

Step 4

Re-pour the wax, if necessary. Once the candle has had a chance to cool, you may need to add more wax to top up your Christmas container candle. Heat up the wax mixture again, and pour in more wax. Make sure you don't fill the container too full. The melted wax needs somewhere to pool.

Step 5

Enjoy your creations. Once the Christmas container candles have a chance to fully cool, they are ready to use. Give them away as gifts, or enjoy them for yourself. Try making a Christmas candle this year out of other containers like wine glasses, decorative bowls and glazed flower pots. Your friends and family will love this fragrant and homemade gift.


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