How To Make Easter Crafts

Easter crafts are always enjoyed by children who look forward to the Easter bunny's arrival. Many Easter crafts can be done in a few minutes with just a few simple supplies, and encourage the kids to be creative. Here are a few Easter crafts to consider:

Dyeing Easter eggs is a classic springtime craft. Most children will be begging to dye their own Easter eggs. Just pick up an Easter egg dye kit, mix it with water, and place in small plastic containers. Food coloring mixed with vinegar can also be used to dye eggs. Hard-boil some eggs (this will help them last longer and keep them from breaking) and let the kids dip the eggs into the colored dye. Stickers or crayons can also be used to decorate the egg.

Paper plate Easter bunny baskets can be made with common craft supplies. For this craft you'll need a paper plate, construction paper, black pipe cleaners, 2 pom-poms or cotton balls, crayons, a stapler, glue and scissors. First, fold the paper plate in half and staple along the edge, forming the shape of the bunny's body. Then cut a rectangular handle and two ear shapes out of construction paper, and glue or staple them onto the plate. Cut the pipe cleaner into sections, and glue them on as whiskers. Finally, glue pom-poms or cotton balls on as a nose, and one on the other side of the plate for a puffy tail. Use crayons to give the bunny eyes and any other decorations. Finally, fill the bunny basket with grass and treats.

Many different objects, including glass canning jars and brown paper bags, can be decorated to look like a bunny. Using any craft supplies that you already have on hand, you should be able to come up with a bunny craft. The most fun part is the end, where you fill the bunny with candy and other treats!

Crafts made for Easter do not have to include Easter bunnies. Crafts with flowers make fun springtime crafts that can be done around Easter. For example, teach your children to make tissue paper flowers by stacking squares of tissue paper on top of each other.

Another unique Easter craft involving tissue paper is a piñata. Even though you may not associate a piñata with Easter, it can be a fun alternative to Easter egg hunts. Use balloons to form a shape, such as a chick or a bunny. Then cover in newspaper soaked in a flour-water mixture. When it's dry, cover the piñata with squares of tissue paper in Easter colors, poke a hole, and fill it with candy.


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