Making Glass Block Christmas Decorations: Outdoor Christmas Décor

Learn How To Make This Unique and Beautiful Christmas Decoration

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Glass block Christmas decorations will give your home a unique look or your friends a beautiful gift. These beautiful ornaments can be displayed inside or outside the house. They look great when paired with colorful lights and would look even better when placed at the front part of the house. Christmas block decorations are blocks that are made out of fabricated glass materials.

First, come up with the design for your decoration; then, gather the materials needed in making them. For the whole block part, get online and check the Internet for companies that manufacture glass block materials or you could just go to your nearest hardware store and buy one. The glass blocks are sold separately or in packages; you can even get them in kits. Now collect the other glass block decorating materials before moving on. 

Here is a good supply list:

  • A roll of Christmas ribbon for finishing touches on your Christmas decoration gift
  • Pieces of art decorated papers
  • A bottle of paste or any type of clear adhesive
  • A pair of scissors
  • Power tools (a battery powered drill with a drill bit set, screwdrivers, an electrical tape)
  • Christmas light or a round of colorful LEDs
  • Scotch tape (optional)
  • Silicon applicator used for sealing gaps (commonly used in aquariums)
  • At least three pieces of fine textured sandpaper

To make the glass block decorations:

  • Take the piece of glass block out of its box and carefully place it over a layer of foam or over your desk and put it in safe place while you prepare your power tools.
  • Hold the battery powered drill and insert a regular sized drill bit. Then drill a small hole on the bottom right corner of the glass block. Note that the hole that you are making should be large enough for the lights and the wire to pass through. You may apply a small amount of water to the hole that you are drilling so that your drill bit does not overheat; this will reduce the likelihood of breaking the glass block.
  • After making a hole in the glass block, use the fine sandpaper to remove the rough edges of the hole. You can also apply water while sanding it.
  • Now put the glass box and the power tools aside to make cut-outs from the art decorated papers. Cut irregular shapes and sizes from the art paper and use your creativity while doing so. Then paste the cut-out designs on the glass box. Keep in mind that you still have a set of lights to put inside so at least reserve some openings on your design so that the glass block will illuminate beautifully without the decorations blocking the light.
  • After putting all the art decorations as needed, you can now work on the lighting. Carefully insert the lights without damaging them as each bulb passes through the drilled hole. Keep on inserting the bulbs; if needed, you may tilt the glass block in every direction so you can arrange the position of the lights inside. Then use the scotch tape and roll a couple of inches around the wire and stick it on the glass to secure the wire in place. Cut the excess tape afterwards and then use the silicon applicator to seal the drilled hole so that the block is moisture resistant for an outdoor display.
  • Now with the lights and decorations intact, you can wrap the whole block with a piece of colorful ribbon.


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