How To Make Personalized Stocking Holders

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Christmas is always the season of joy and, not to mention, creativity. Oftentimes, this season is about putting up a huge Christmas tree, teeming with brightly colored decor and swags, sure to catch attention. Children and adults love draping ornaments across the doorways, terraces, and rooms. What's more exciting during Christmas is when you make a handful of personalized stocking holders. Santa will not mistakenly swap the gifts for sister and brother, because the stocking holder carries everyone's name in it.

You've been a good boy or girl the entire year, right? So, it's the right time to catch Santa's attention with those shimmering, silver printed stocking holders right in your fireplace. Heed from these tips on how you can personalize your stocking holders.

  1. Simple stocking holders - If you don't own a mantelpiece at home to dangle those lovely stockings, then you can make a simple stocking holder for the floor. Do you know that even books can do the trick? All you need to do is heap up books in a definite area of the house. After you pile the books on the floor, get a thick rope or ribbon to tie the books at both ends. Create three to five knots, and then tie the Christmas stockings on the knots of the rope or ribbon.
  2. Holders for the mantel - If you want to get all the goodies from Santa, a mantel holder is a perfect solution. The stocking holder can highlight the beauty of your mantelpiece and make Christmas extra special. Create your own mantel stocking holder by gathering used or new acrylic, ceramic, porcelain and many other materials. There's no limitation to what materials you will use, but make sure the material will fit the size of the design you wish to create. Choose or draw the design you want to put in the holder. Then, pattern the design to the material and cut it all the way to form your own Santa, snowman, star, angels, etc.
  3. Fabulous stocking hanger - Never let Christmas slip away without any stocking ornament inside your home. One of the things that you shouldn't miss is the stocking hanger. The hanger holds the stockings and prevents the designs from falling off the floor or mantel. Aside from the stockings, you can fully customize the stocking hangers too. For simple hanger kits, pile up the materials first namely: 1/8' to 1/4' thick plywood, 1/2' plywood for the base, coping saw, drill, nails and hammer. Fasten the handle to the base of the plywood. It's up to you on how tall the hanger is. After that, you can spray the wood with paint or varnish. To make it more personalized, make use of ribbons or laces and wrap them around the hanger.
  4. Personalized holders for picture frames, etc. - Visitors will be enthralled with the unique picture frame stocking holder on top of your home's centerpiece. Your family will reminisce the Christmas spent with grandma as her photo is placed in a beautiful gold plated picture frame. You can either buy a custom made frame or personalize the design, but make sure the base contains a hook where you can hang the stockings. If your theme for the season is "peace," you can buy a silver or blue picture frame, engraved with the family's name. Place the picture frame on top of the fireplace or mantel. Now, hang some cute needlepoint stocking on the hook of the picture frame.


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