How To Make Scented Pinecones

Christmas is just looming around the corner and it’s time to start putting up your Christmas trees and decorating your home for the coming festivities. Hang the wreaths, bring out the holiday-themed curtains and linens, and brighten up the house by installing the lights. One way to bring natural scent to your home this holiday season is through scented pinecones.

Scented pinecones are mainstays of Christmas decorating. Not only do they smell great, they are also very pleasing to look at. What's really cool about scented pinecones is that they are very easy to make. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make scented pinecones:

  1. Gather your pinecones. Ideally, you should pick pinecones that are still closed. However, you can also use open ones from the ground if there is nothing else. If you have no time to pick pinecones, you can go to your local craft or floral shop to buy some.
  2. Clean your pinecones. It is imperative to do this if you gathered or picked your pinecones. You can use a damp rag to clean your pinecones. Use a paintbrush or cotton swab to clean spaces in between petals. Pinecones last longer and look better if they are well cleaned.
  3. Scent the pinecones. Put the cleaned pinecones in a plastic bag. Add the essential oil of your choice and shake the bag thoroughly to distribute the oil through the pinecones. If you want to be thorough, you can brush each pinecone with the oil before putting them in a plastic bag and adding more oil to the pinecones. You can also add orange peels, cinnamon chips and sticks, and potpourri into the mix. Hopefully, all the scents will work together to create great smelling pinecones. Let the mix sit for a dew days in the bag so that the pinecones can absorb them better.

Popular scents for pinecones are cinnamon, pine, spruce, sandalwood and cedar. As illustrated above, you can combine different scents. For example, you can combine cinnamon with nutmeg, old spice, and cloves. You can find recipes for different scents on the Internet.

  1. Decorate. Take the scented pinecones out of the plastic bag and place them in bowls together with cinnamon sticks and flowers. You can then place the bowls in tables as centerpieces, on mantels, in your bathroom, or just any place you like. You can also use the scented pinecones to decorate wreaths.
  2. Re-scent the pinecones. Eventually, the scented pinecones will loose their scent. All you have to do is put them again in a plastic bag and apply the oil once again. This will make your pinecones smell great once again.

Scented pinecones are very easy to make and they will not make a large dent on your budget. Bring the wonderful scents of nature into your home this holiday season by creating your own scented pinecones.


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