How To Personalize Christmas Gifts

Simple Craft Ideas

There are many ways to add a personal touch to any Christmas gift.  Here are a few simple craft ideas to complete the perfect gift.

Step 1

Make a personal pillow.  Choose any fabric: fluffy, velvet, plain, or fuzzy.  Make your own pattern, such as a basic shape.  Cut out two identical pieces of fabric using your own pattern.  Turn the fabric over.  Thread the needle.  Place a knot at the end of the string.  Sew the two pieces of fabric together.  Pull the string all the way through until the knot is secure.  Sew around the border/edge of the fabric.  Once 90% of the border has been sewn together, turn the fabric inside out.  Now the front of the fabric should be showing.  Stuff the pillow with cotton and complete the final stitches.  Note:  Make sure the stitches are sewn close together so the cotton cannot fall out.

Step 2

Use pictures. Choose any kind of paper: color, patterned, or plain.  Make your own pattern, such as an outline of a snowflake or Christmas tree.  Trace the pattern over the picture, and cut out the picture.  Trim off a little bit of the edges to make the picture slightly smaller than the actual pattern.  Cut out two identical pieces of paper using the pattern.  Fold the paper in half.  Cut a smaller outline of the pattern in middle section.  Place the picture in between the paper.  Glue the edges together.  To make an ornament, place a drop of glue at the top.  Cut a small piece of string.  Place both edges of the string in the glue to make the hook.  To make a card, write "to" and "from" on the edges and attach with double stick tape to the present.

Step 3

Create a digital slideshow.  Scan all your old photos and make a digital slide show for your loved one.  Add personal messages or notes at the bottom of each photo.  Display the pictures in a digital photo frame.

Step 4

Trace hands.  Children can make special decorations by tracing their hand several times on construction paper.  Cut out the hand prints.  Paste the hand prints together in a circle to make an original hand wreath.  Also, children can make cards by tracing their hand on a folded piece of paper.  Cut half of the pattern out so that one side stays together in order to open and close the card.  Children can make up their own poem to place inside the card.


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putting names is good too. stencil them, have them engraved, or backstitch them.. thanks for the tips!

By Anonymous