How To Plan a Mother's Day Party

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Thinking of planning a party for your mom, grandmother or maybe an auntie for Mother’s Day this year? Well, here are a couple of ideas that might help you as you plan your Mother’s Day party.


Step 1

You can have your party at a banquet hall or in a friend’s house. The venue depends on your budget. To make sure your mom keeps to the date that you have selected, let her know of a party that you have all have been invited to on the same day that you have selected. This will help her keep your date available while still keeping the party a surprise.

Step 2

The site for the Mother’s Day party should be decorated with whatever your mom likes, as in colors, flowers, etc. For example, if she likes the color blue, then use different shades of blue such as navy blue balloons, periwinkle flowers, light blue tablecloths, etc. In regards to music, mix it up a little; include her favorite songs and some other songs, too. For example, even if you love Cher, you don’t want to play Cher’s songs throughout the whole party. Remember you still have other guests to entertain!

Step 3

Don’t forget to include her favorite food/foods in the menu. If you are working with a caterer, pay attention to how long it takes to make the food (because this will determine how much the caterer charges you). But if you are preparing the food yourself, then you can have fun with it.

Step 4

Have a poster size of her picture in the hallway or by the door (this will also make a nice present for her afterwards). If you have your Mother’s Day party at the banquet hall, have them set up a projector for you. You will use this to play a photo montage of your mom. This will show photos from her birth to the present time. Let this play throughout the party in the background. In absence of a projector, or if you're doing the party in a house, set a nice table with flowers, use old and new pictures of your mom in different phases of her life as centerpieces or have a display table and set them all there.

Step 5

On Mother's Day, have your mom come by herself to the party (if she is used to going to parties on her own). Keep a lookout for her. Guess what she will do when she sees a poster-sized picture of her by the door.

Mother’s Day comes but once a year--take time and enjoy. Have fun planning!!

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