How To Prepare your Home for a Holiday Party

Welcome your Holiday Guests to an Odor-Free, Fresh, Crisp and Clean House

If you have guests coming over for the holidays, you want to make sure you do not have any underlining odors that you may not be aware of.  This can often be the case, especially if you have children, teenagers and pets, all under one roof.

Step 1

Do a general cleanup.  Get the whole family involved, if possible.  Everyone should do his part. 

Step 2

Remove litter boxes.  If you have cats, or any type of pet that uses a litter box, make sure to maintain the litterbox as clean as possible, especially for a full 24 hours prior to guest arrival.  If at all possible, relocate the litterbox to a backyard or a basement. Cats will adapt.  

Step 3

Remove dog bed.  If you have a dog, there's a good chance it has a favorite spot in the house to lay on, whether it's a blanket on an old chair or its own bed.  The bed needs to be washed and left in the garage.  Make sure you remove from the premises a good 24 hours before guests arrive.

Step 4

Remove diaper pail.  If you have infants in diapers, 24 hours prior to guests arriving, all diapers should be disposed of outdoors. It may be a bit inconvenient and out of the way but the effort will make a difference.

Step 5

Run, a room inspection on pre-teen and teenagers.  If you have teenagers, you should run a room inspection at least 48 hours prior to guests arriving.  Make sure hampers our empty, and no moldy towels are in the bathrooms.  Give them a 24-hour deadline.  This will allow you a 24-hour window as a backup in case they fail at their task.

Step 6

Do not use air fresheners or carpet fresheners.  Air fresheners and carper fresheners will only mask odors, and in some cases, mix odors without delivering the desired effect.  Too many different cleaning products can also lead to undesired odors.  A must-use product called Room Shocker will do the trick in removing odors and leaving the house smelling crisp and clean! This product does not mask odors- it removes any and all odor completely.  That includes pet odors, food odors, mold and mildew odors that are often associated with teenagers rooms and yes, even diaper odors.  The product works so well it even removes cigarette odors.  It’s easy-to-use and not labor-intensive.

Step 7

Room Shocker the house 48 hours prior to guests arriving.  Place one Room Shocker for every 500 ft.² and let work for 24 hours.  The Room Shocker works by destroying bacteria and mold or any other odor-causing compound.  It will not only eliminate the odors but also sanitize the rooms.  This is especially necessary, in rooms where pets alike to lie around the most.

Step 8

Air out the house.  After 24 hours, remove the Room Shocker's and ventilate the house for one hour.

Step 9

Deodorize your trash cans. Make sure your trash cans are empty the day before guests arrive.  By disposing of the Room Shocker containers and pouches in your out door trash cans you will disinfect and deodorize them.

Step 10

Add flowers in every room. At this point your house has been cleaned deodorized and disinfected.  In essence, it has been detoxified.  Now you have a clean slate to work with and can add the aromas and fragrances that you choose.  But again, only use natural products like fresh cut flowers or holiday wreaths.  If need be, you can also add a very lightly fragranced candle.  But remember, guests can be very sensitive and too many fragrances can be overwhelming.  This is a case of less can be best. 


Give yourself a deadline. Try to have all preparations done 24 hours prior to guest arrival so that you have enough time for the unforeseen. That way, if everything goes according to plan you have time to relax with confidence.

I hope this advice is useful it comes from years of experience and taking care of a large family, who make it all worthwhile.  Happy holidays to you and yours!


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