How To Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

You've got your tree and your trimmings.  First things first.  Hang lights on your Christmas tree and bring it to life!

Whether or not you have big bulbs, small bulbs, blinking bulbs or just plain happy bulbs, devise a plan of attack.

  1. Find the outlet closest to the base of the tree from which the lights will be powered.  Choose to hang your Christmas lights either on or off. Either way works fine.
  2. From there begin to follow the lowest level of branches around the tree guiding the lights with one hand while the other holds the string and unfurls as needed. Remember, you choose the depth of the lights on the branches. Closer in to the trunk gives a more subdued light to the tree while more distance between the lights and the trunk is a more vibrant effect.
  3. After one full circle around the tree, move north of the lowest level of branches to the next level up.  Continue to unfurl with one hand and hang with the other.  Every now and then you need to check in with the lights on the unfurling hand to see what kind of length is left.  Try to keep the Christmas lights equidistant from the row below and above.  All trees are different, so there will be variations depending.  The point is, keep an eye on where you are on the tree as you continue to circle, unfurl and hang the lights so that you still have enough as you near the top.
  4. Grab a step ladder or a chair to keep nearby so that you can reach the top in a way that does not interfere with the lights already hung below.  Ideally you can reach the end of the light string simultaneously as you reach the top of the tree.  On certain trees that are a little branch deficient at the top, it may be easier to encircle it with the lights a little tighter than the rest of the tree.  This helps to hold the lights in place.
  5. When you think you've finished, take a step back and look at the tree in its entirety.  Chances are you'll need to adjust some levels of the lights slightly. However, brilliance happens, and your lights might be in perfect order. Now if you feel you're ready, plug it in!

 A perfectly lit Christmas tree for you to enjoy for the season!  Take it all in while you up, ornaments!


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