How To Reduce your Holiday Spending

Many savvy consumers will be looking for ways to reduce their holiday spending this year. Sales are always a good option, but not everyone wants to have to fight the crowds. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways that you can save money this holiday season without sacrificing the quality of gifts.

Start shopping well in advance. Seasonal items are almost always cheaper in the “out” season. For example, purchasing Christmas ornaments, cards, and other items during the spring and summer months can save the consumer up to 70%! This does not only apply to Christmas, but to all holidays, and can significantly reduce your spending year-round. Shopping the day after or at the end of the year will also contribute to savings.

Pay with cash only.
Those who pay with cash can avoid the hefty credit card bills and interest rates after the holidays are over. Paying with cash may also help keep some people on a budget, by keeping them more in check with their finances. Only take what you can afford to spend and leave the checkbook, credit and debit cards at home. This may often be enough to help reduce the amount that you will spend.

Take advantage of free shipping, "buy one, get one" deals, and consider giving gift cards instead.
Shipping costs may not seem like much, but they do add up. When possible buy several gifts through the same vendor, shop, or online store to get maximum savings on shipping. "Buy one, get one" deals are great for any season and will slash holiday costs. Sometimes you must look for these deals, as they won't always be highly advertised. Gift cards save money because instead of searching for the perfect gift and paying the price for it, you can put the amount of money that you can afford on the card. The recipient will be just as pleased and can pick something that you know they will like.

Reducing holiday spending can be quite simple. Knowing what you intend to buy, what you can afford, and how much you are willing to pay for any particular item is a great start. These tips can save the consumer money on almost anything at any time of the year.


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