How To Scent Your Home for a Holiday Party

Nothing says holiday gathering like the scents of a meal or treats baking in the oven. With all the cooking and prep work you have to do, you might notice that your holiday gathering is a riot of competing scents from the ham in the oven to the fresh bread, eggnog, chocolate and sugar cookies. Instead of letting these scents overwhelm your guests, consider following these steps so you can scent your home with a single, scent for your holiday party.

  1. Choose the scent to match your event. There are many types of holiday parties. If you are gathering your family and friends for a small and cozy event then choose the scent of fresh bread or baking cookies. If you are planning a sophisticated event for your coworkers or clients, you might want a less cozy scent. Consider a tangy orange spice or light evergreen or cranberry scent.
  2. Avoid strong and pungent scents. Remember that different people are bothered by different scents so whatever scent you choose should be subtle. Don't light candles around the house with competing scents. Don't burn incense that can be heavy to your guests.
  3. Clean your atmosphere. Before the party open a few windows in the house, preferably at opposite ends of the home. This allows the scents you created by cleaning and cooking your home to leave the house. Once the air has cleared you can begin to set the stage for your party.
  4. Leave open at least one window. No matter how cold the temperatures, people will be creating a wealth of heat just from their body temperature alone. Your guests will also be bringing in their own scents with a variety of perfumes, colognes and gifts. The open window might not benefit your heating bill but it will help keep the air clear and allow the air to circulate.
  5. Choose a scent vehicle. The scent vehicle is what produces the scent. It can be as simple as an air freshener plugged into an outlet or a candle on a warmer. You may also consider warming some apple cider in a crock pot for several hours and letting it continue to cook throughout the party. This provides scent and offering the drink will also delight your guests.
  6. Select one scent location per room. Now that you know your scent, choose an out of the way location in each room. Place your chosen scent vehicle in this location. In the room with the open window, place the scent beneath the window.

The key to creating a scent for a holiday party is that it should be simple. Choose one central scent that will dominate the event then keep it understated so that your guests are not overwhelmed. You want sent to evoke images of the holiday without being noticeable.


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