How To Send a Free Letter to Santa Claus

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Christmas is here. You love Christmas. What is not to love about it? Mommy and Daddy are extra nice to you and treat you with much more love than usual. Your brother, who used to bug you with the smallest stuff, is now always looking out for you. People around you always greet each other with smiles and hugs. You love hearing that Christmas carol when you go to the malls, but most of all you love the gift giving, and who gives the greatest gifts? Nobody else but Santa Claus.

You, like every other kid in the world want to wake up in the middle of the night and get a glimpse of that Santa suit near your chimney. You are hoping that you and your sister or brother will get the dolls or toy robot that you always wanted. You will be so excited in the morning, shouting at the top of your lungs because not only did you get what you wished for but you both got letters from Santa as well. It would be so much fun if you could write to Santa so you could tell him what you want for Christmas. Well, you’re one lucky kid because you can really send a free letter to Santa Claus.

You can send a letter to him. Read the rest and you will know how.

  1. Write with a smile to Santa. Tell him you have been good the whole year. Tell him you wish him a good trip on Christmas Eve. Think very hard on what you want for Christmas for yourself or for everyone else. You can include pictures of your family, put it in an envelope. Mark the outside with "To Santa Claus and North Pole." Give it to your mom and dad so they can mail it for you to make sure it reaches him on time before he goes around the world to give away all the gifts.
  2. Go to this Web site where you can send a free letter to Santa and then he will send you back a letter immediately, you will be surprised how fast he works.
  3. Go to where you can also send a letter to him. Just ask your parents first if they can put in their email address so he can reply and they can show you his letter. Santa likes to know your parents to make sure you are a good boy or girl.
  4. Check out where you can send Santa a letter and even add a card or choose how Santa will see your letter, he will find that pretty cool and he might throw in another gift for you.

You can be sure that your letter will reach Santa. You might be thinking that he is so busy that he won't be able to read your letter, but he will. Santa Claus will surely give you what you wish for, if not he will give you something much better.


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