How To Send Birthday Love Letters

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A person’s birthday is a reason to celebrate. If you want to surprise your partner by giving a birthday love letter, you can do so with some easy steps. All you have to do is to write something coming from the heart. You can attach this birthday love letter to your birthday present, or you can choose to send it as an e-card. Either way, you will surely make your loved one feel extra special.

Here are the steps on how to create and send your own birthday love letter:

  1. Writing guide. If you are not used to writing love e-cards, you can go to the website On the home page, you will be able to see a writing guide on the lower left panel. You can read this writing guide so that you can have a basic idea on how to start your greetings of love. You can read about love letter characteristics, letter-writing steps and also see samples of love letters.
  2. Composing letter. You can search for birthday poetry or love poetry online that you can include in the letter, but it will be more special if you create poetry of your own. When composing the letter, make sure that you write something coming from the heart. This is one of those occasions where you can express your feelings to your loved one.
  3. Creating the letter. For this, you have two choices. You can either write the message on a piece of paper or birthday card, or you can do it online and create and e-card. If you choose to create an e-card or an e-letter, you can use the website All you have to do is choose a template and type in your message. If you are feeling creative, you can send it through snail mail. You can include the birthday love letter with a special gift.
  4. Sending. You can send the e-letter through e-mail. For the love letter, you can mail it to the person you are giving it to or deliver it personally. You can also choose to deliver it to the person in other creative ways.

Here are some websites where you can create a birthday love letter:

  • – This is an e-card website where you can choose to send e-cards in different categories. You can go to the love category to find the perfect e-card for your partner. There are also animated e-cards that you will surely enjoy.
  • – 1 Love Cards is a website where you can choose from birthday cute e-cards and passionate e-cards. They also have love poems, Valentine’s cards and love quotes.
  • – This website has a lot of love e-cards for different occasions. You can send the free e-cards easily. There are different images on the e-cards.

These are the steps on how to make and send a birthday love letter. This is only one of the things you can do to make a romantic birthday. You can even set up a surprise as a treat for the person.


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