How To Think of Good Gift Ideas

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Have you ever been totally stumped when it is time for holiday gift giving?  Baffled at what to do for someone's birthday?  Many of us do not know what to get for our closes friends, family members, or co-workers, and this can cause great angst when it is time to go shopping!  Lucky, there are some ways to think of great gift ideas for just about anyone. 

  1. Decide if you need to get a gift.  Some people go overboard on gift giving, trying to think of good gift ideas for everyone in their lives.  This can easily lead to gift-giving burnout!  Although a nice idea, you don't actually need to buy a gift for your third cousin who you have never met, or for everyone in your office.  Stick to close friends and immediate or close family members and it will be easier to think of good gift ideas.

  2. Think of the recipient, not yourself. One trap that many people fall into is that they buy something that they would like instead of something that the recipient would like.  When considering good gift ideas, it is important to think of what the recipient would be excited about.
  3. Consider time together as an alternative to gifts. Although it is fun to receive gifts, all too often they can become dust collectors.  Consider making your good gift idea a special lunch out, or a picnic in a park.  Besides being great "gift" ideas, these outings are sure to become treasured memories.
  4. Try doing something special. A great gift idea is to think of something the recipient needs to do but doesn't like doing and do it for him or her.  Whether that is babysitting, a car wash, laundry, or something else, try making a certificate or coupon book with your offer.  You are sure to receive endless gratitude for that gift idea!
  5. Give gift certificates or gift cards.  If you're not entirely sure of a gift idea for someone but you do happen to know what store he or she frequents, try a gift certificate or gift card.  This way the recipient can pick something out that he or she really likes but you still get credit for personalizing the gift.  Try a favorite bookstore or clothing store, or get a gift certificate for supplies for a favorite hobby.
  6. Think fun and pampering.  Gifts don't have to be useful but they often end up that way, especially as we get older.  For a fun change of pace, try something fun and silly or decadent and pampering when you are thinking of gift ideas.
  7. Ask around.  Friends and family are a great resource.  Ask around to find some great gift ideas that are perfect for the recipient, without too much trouble!

Buying and giving gifts can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Try taking some of these tips into consideration to come up with great gift ideas that anyone will appreciate!


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