How To Tie a Christmas Tree to a Car

Let's face it, not everyone drives a pickup truck. Most of the time, those who drive cars are perfectly happy with their vehicles. However, every once in a while a task pops up that can have a car owner kicking himself for not buying that F-150 with extended cab. Bringing home a Christmas tree is one such task.

As if locating the perfect tree isn't hard enough, it's only half of the battle. For those who don't own pickup trucks, bringing a tree home can be quite the tricky situation. However, it is possible; the tree can be transported by tying it to the top of your car.

  • Bring along some sort of bungee cord or rope in case the place where you purchase your tree has no materials on hand for you to use to tie your tree to your car.
  • Once you have selected your tree and it has been processed and tied up for you, roll down all windows on both sides of your car.
  • With help from others around you, lift the tree onto the roof of your car and try to center it as much as possible without blocking the view from the front window or back window.
  • After you have placed your Christmas tree on the roof of your car, you can begin to secure it for the drive home.
  • Start by wrapping the bungee cord or rope around the tree.
  • Next, bring the cord or rope back through the window of your car before tying it to the other end of the cord.
  • Your tree should be tied to your car with the rope going over the top of the tree and through the interior of your car.
  • Repeat this step at a point closer to the back of the car and repeat as many times as necessary until your tree is firmly fixed to the top of your car.

You can test how securely the Christmas tree is tied to the top of your car by driving a bit in the parking lot and making adjustments before setting off on the highway.


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