How To Organize Kids' Holiday Activities

Kids activities are the central events of just about every holiday. Come to think of it, most holidays really are a celebration for the children. Here you get a chance to impart the values and traditions of a culture, while also having fun in the company of family and friends at the same time. Aside from eating hearty feasts during the holidays, fun holiday kids activities are usually scheduled to make sure that kids are part of what’s going on.

For Easter for instance, kids can participate in decorating Easter eggs. This can be done on the Saturday before. You can hard-boil eggs and paint the shells. Or you can also prick a hole at the top, drain the egg contents and fill in the shell with flavored gelatin. You can use different tools like crayons, colored pens and pencils, permanent markers, dyes and oil pastels and allow the kids to go wild with their creative ideas. Make sure that the kids are also wearing old clothes so that none of their newer clothes would end up getting permanently stained.  Also, be sure to use paints and crayons that are not toxic, and that there is adequate adult supervision. Be aware of the first aid steps just in case some of the materials end up in a kid’s eyes or mouth.

These Easter eggs can then be hidden for an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday where adults and children can both be involved. This activity is best done in a wide open space like a lawn, garden or yard. Be sure that you set the boundaries and parameters of your game area well. You wouldn’t want people stomping all over your flower beds.

Halloween is probably the most enjoyable holiday for kids. Ask for kids’ ideas for how they want to dress up for trick or treating. Most children would love to be made up as vampires, witches and zombies, while some would prefer dressing up as animals or cartoon characters. The kids may also help out in preparing their costumes. Have them cut up the small pieces of art paper or cloth that can be combined into a wig or hand accessory. You may also look at online photo galleries and websites for other design ideas. Aside from the costume, you should also get your house ready for trick or treaters. It would be a great treat for the children to be allowed to put fake cobwebs and spiders on the house’s windows. Have them help out in preparing the candies for give-aways, as well.

Christmas is that time of the year when kids look forward to getting presents. You can get them involved in wrapping the gifts intended for your family and friends. It can be as simple as getting them to cut pieces of tape for you. On the occasion itself, it would be great if you can set up a Christmas pageant in which kids could play the different people in the nativity scene. Most children would really like to play the role of a wise man or an angel.

Kids holiday activities truly make the occasion even more extra special. Make sure that the kids are in your plans, and that you involve them in the preparation and in the event itself.


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