How To Implement Fireworks Safety

Last year, I was outside with my mother and brother.  We had a few smoke bombs and sparklers to celebrate  Independence Day. Our fun quickly came to a halt when I noticed a smoking blaze at the back of our house.  Our neighbor's backyard was on fire, and the flames were quickly approaching our property. We promptly put out our novelty fireworks. My mother quickly dialed 9-1-1, and I rounded up my dog and my aunt. Finally, the fire department came and put the fire out. Luckily no one was injured, and my neighbor only needed to redo his garage. My family's house had no damage.

To help you prevent a similar occurrence, here are a few rules about fireworks safety.

Rule 1. Use fireworks outside away from anything that can catch fire like trees or power lines.  A clear area is ideal for fireworks.

Rule 2. Only adults should handle fireworks.  Small children shouldn't even handle novelty fireworks like glow worms or sparklers. Children should be monitored around these explosives.

Rule 3. Don't wear loose clothing. A hand full of sparklers and a loose shirt don't mix, and can quickly bring a Fourth of July celebration to a stop.

Rule 4. Have water nearby in case there is a small fire.  When in doubt call your emergency number right away to prevent damages or injury.

Rule 5. Store unused fireworks in a cool dry place.

Rule 6. Watch fireworks from a safe distance.  You will prevent ruined clothes and burns by staying away when the fireworks go off.

Rule 7. Don't use fireworks at all when you're under the influence of any substance.

Rule 8. Don't keep trying to light your fireworks if they are not working.  Doing so could cause the fireworks to explode.

Rule 9. Even after the fireworks have finished burning, pour water on top of the canister to make sure it does not reignite.

Rule 10. Check the fireworks laws in your state.  For example, in Illinois fireworks such as torpedoes and roman candles are illegal. Possession of such fireworks or breaking any fireworks laws can lead to hefty fines and jail time.

Overall, use common sense.  It's always best to let the professionals handle the fireworks.  There are a lot of cities that have fireworks displays for the public, and many shows are free.


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