How To Learn April Fool's Day History

April Fool's Day has long been known as a the time of practical jokes and hoaxes to be made on friends, family and pretty much anyone. The exact origin of how the April Fool's Day got started, nobody knows. There are many theories of how it started such as for the Dutch people, this day serves as a remembrance that the Spanish were driven out of their lowlands.

April Fool's Day is not celebrated on the same day in many countries, and it isn't celebrated in the same way either. There are many different ways it is celebrated. In some countries it is known as All Fool's Day. If the prankster does not deliver his prank before noon of April 1st, then the prankster is the fool.

In England, the victim of the prank is called a "noodle," and the pranks take place in the morning time.

For Portugal, the custom is to throw flour on friends. This takes place on Sunday and Monday before lent begins.

The day for pranks and jokes for Italians in Rome falls on March 25th. They refer to April Fool's Day as Laughing Day and to celebrate the resurrection of Attis the god.

April Fool's Day means different things to different parts of the world. The customs and traditions can be similar, and some different. It doesn't always occur on the same day.

In Mexico, April Fool's Day occurs on December 28 rather than April 1st. It was a day of sombre remembrance for the innocent children that were slaughtered by King Herod. Fortunately through the years it is now remembered for the lighthearted of practical jokes and hoaxes.

For France, a prank is played on friends by placing a dead fish on their backs, and they would be known as "possion d'advril" April fish. The exact known reason why the fish is chosen in unknown, but it might be related to the sun leaving the astrological sign Pisces (the fish) on the day of April 1st.

The traditions of different countries are all quite different but they all seem to revolve around playing practical jokes and pranks on friends. The History for April Fool's Day might not ever be exact of how it all started, but these are the theories. Remember, always look out for pranksters on April 1st. Because if you don't keep a watchful eye out for them, you will end up being the "noodle."


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