How To Learn Christmas Customs

The history, culture and customs of Christmas can be fascinating, surprising and inspiring once you start to delve into the world of St. Nicholas and how different countries celebrate this festive time of year. The question is often where to find this information, because it is not often general knowledge. If you are truly interested, you will find that there are many places that you can find the knowledge that you are seeking.

One of the first places to start that is easily accessible is the Internet. By typing in the basic keywords of "Christmas customs" you will be amazed at the amount of sites that pop up in the results list. Explore them with caution, though, as it is important to make sure that you find sites that are reputable. Some sites will have general information, but can be good starting points to connect to more in-depth links with what you need. Try also adding countries such as the United States, Russia and Germany in your keyword search. Russia and Germany have rich traditional histories that you will find deeply interesting to search through in regards to Christmas customs.

Your local library is another wonderful place to search for information on holiday traditions. With the librarian's help, they can lead you to books that have visual and text descriptions of how different cultures honor Christmas, the times of year they celebrate it, and how they define the celebration. There is also a plethora of information on specific customs such as the Yule log, who the real St. Nicholas was, and other facts that will satisfy your curiosity. They will also have posted different holiday activities that might be going on in your area that have traditions different than your own.

One source of information not to overlook is people themselves, who are an endless and first-hand source of information. Find people in your area of different ethnicities that can enlighten you. They might also know of local celebrations which you can attend, other people to talk to, and a variety of sources to look into. Sitting down and discussing openly with someone about their traditions can be a memorable experience, and you will be surprised at what you can learn.

In retrospect, don't limit your search to one avenue but explore the ones listed above and others that you come across. Christmas is a fascinating time, and you will learn much about various customs.


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