How To Make 4th of July Crafts

The Fourth of July is a great time to sit down with the kids and make some crafts. Whether you've got a room full of students eager to get out of school, grandkids over for the day or your own children in need of time filler, here are some ideas on how to make great Independence Day crafts.

Independence Day calls for lots of red, white, and blue, glitter, sparkles, streamers and more. Crafts for this holiday need not be boring or bland but bright and bold. Think fireworks, think exciting and think beautiful. Celebrate the Fourth of July with stars and stripes, glitter and glue, and lots of fun in between.

You could start by having the children make victory headbands. You'll need to cut out long three inch wide strips of poster board to fit around each head. Then, the kids can decorate red, white and blue paper stars with glitter glue. The stars can be either glued or stapled onto the headband, and finally, the headband is stapled at the ends to fit snuggly around the child's head.

Consider making star garlands, similar to paper chains or popcorn garlands used for Christmas. You can string up hundreds of decorated paper stars to hang around the room, up the stairs, over the windows, or wherever else you might find.

Painting is always a fun craft option as messy as it is. Try sending the kids outdoors, taping a big piece of paper to the side of the fence, and letting them go with paints (whether finger or with a brush), markers, or crayons. Have them paint murals of fireworks, American flags, or whatever else comes to their mind when they hear "Fourth of July."

Most craft stores will have flip flops in the American colors, and you can buy several pairs for decorating. You can add rhinestones, ribbons, foam stars and even more glitter glue to spruce up this footwear for the holiday. You might also want to buy some T-shirts and have each kid decorate one to wear on Independence Day.

You can make streamer sticks by attaching ribbons and streamers to a tall wooden dowel rod or even to a paper towel roll. The entire rod can be covered or painted as well. Streamer sticks are great to wave around at local festivals or picnics on July Fourth.

These simple crafts are bound to keep the kids occupied and happy and make the Fourth of July just a tiny bit more exciting for you with all of the glitter, paint and glue!


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