How To Make a Chinese New Year Dragon

During Chinese New Year, children of all ages make brightly colored Chinese dragons. Here is how to make your own dragon. The flexible body will bounce up and down and remember, he is a friendly dragon, as all Chinese dragons are. These are not the fire-breathing kind.

You will need:

  1. 2 strips of red and orange construction paper (75 cm long and 3 cm wide)
  2. red card stock paper
  3. yellow, white, green and red construction paper
  4. a pencil
  5. 2 large black buttons and 2 large red buttons
  6. glue
  7. scissors

What you do:

Cut out the dragon's head: a 7 cm by 9 cm rectangle from red card stock paper.

Cut a rectangular shape (8 by 3 cm) from green construction paper and cut squiggly lines from one end to the other end, leaving a 2 cm margin at the end so it all holds together. This is the dragon's beard. Glue this to one of the narrower sides of the dragon's head.

Write the letter "W" 3 times on a piece of white paper with no spaces. The height of the "W" should be about 3 cm. Then draw a straight line connecting the tops of the Ws. Cut out this shape. These will be the dragon's teeth. Stick this just above the beard. Cut out two circles using a $1 coin as a guide, also from the white paper. Glue them on as eyes toward the upper part of the head. Glue two black buttons on these whites of the eyes.

Cut a rectangular shape (8 by 3 cm) from green construction paper. Glue this 3 cm above the teeth. The longer side should be parallel to the teeth. This is the base for the nose. Glue the two red buttons close to each other on this green paper. The dragon's nose is now complete.

Next, glue the ends of the two long strips of red and orange paper together at right angles.

Make a accordian fold body for the dragon by folding the bottom strip over the top strip and then the top strip over the bottom strip. Repeat this for the entire length of the papers. Be sure to securely glue the ends together.

Glue the body to the back of the dragon's head.

Cut 10 thin strips of colorful paper (red, yellow, orange) for the tail. Wrap these around your index finger to give it a wavy look and then glue them to the end of the dragon's body.

Enjoy your dragon!


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