How To Make a Gene Simmons Costume

For some people Halloween is the time to release their inner rocker. It is a good time to pick the more dramatic and flamboyant rock characters like Marilyn Manson or Elton John. The members of the band KISS are always a popular choice for a costume. Many choose to make a costume based on the lead singer, Gene Simmons. Here's how to make a Gene Simmons Halloween costume.

At first, making a Gene Simmons costume can seem complicated, but by following a few simple rules you'll find it's not hard to resemble the KISS front man. Start by studying pictures of Gene Simmons. These can be found on the Internet or in older rock magazines. Figure out what you'll need to make the costume, though very few of us are blessed with his freakishly long tongue.

With any Gene Simmons costume the first step is getting tight black pants and top. Spandex is a popular and cheap choice and is easier to cut. If you're going for the "Alive" costume look, then cut out sections of the legs and arms. Embellish with silver spikes and studs. The spikes can be made with foam and spray paint or duct tape. They can also be ordered online from costume or goth/punk wear websites. To make the costume more like the "Destroyer" version you need to make the armor. This can easily be done with football pads and silver spray paint.

The cape is an essential piece to any Gene Simmons costume. Replicas of Gene's cape can be found online, or a simpler version can be made at home. Buy black fabric longer than the length of your outstretched arms. Cut the fabric into a bat wing shape and embellish with studs and silver duct tape. To attach the cape cut holes at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck. Pull a string through each hole and tie it to your arms and around your neck.

Gene Simmons' boots can be an expensive addition to the costume if they are bought online or at a costume shop. If made at home it can really cut down on the expense. Find a pair of plain black platform boots. Most costume or goth/punk wear shops have them in stock and they can easily be found online. Once again, using silver spray paint, duct tape, and studs, decorate the boots according to what look you're going for.

The make-up and hair are relatively easy. Most costume shops have white and black face paint. It's usually sold as clown make-up. Cover your face with the white makeup. Draw the lines for the "demon" mask with a black eyeliner pencil and fill it in with the black face paint. Use the black eyeliner to edge your lips and fill it in with black lipstick. If you already have long black hair, tease and spray it and tie it in a ponytail on top of your head. If not, just buy a rock star wig and add the ponytail.


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