How To Make Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a fun incentive to little ones on Easter. They are commonly bright, colorful and filled with many fun and entertaining items. Most contain candy, which everyone loves and some small toys that pertain to the child's interests. Making an Easter basket takes a little creativity but is fairly simple.

To start off, you need to know who you are making the basket for, that way you have some understanding of what the person likes. Even if you don't know the person, knowing the age of that person is the key because you don't want to give an adult a basket typically designed for a child. If you are just making a basket for no particular person that is okay, not preferred, but okay because you can use typical Easter items.

Once you understand the recipient of the basket you may proceed with obtaining the items you will need to construct your Easter basket. It may help to make a list of all of the items you want to get, such as what type of candy you want, chocolate or hard candy, what color grass, if you want a couple of little items or one main item, and if you would like to add a ribbon or other decorative items. Planning ahead will make shopping for these things a lot easier.

After you have all the things on your list, you may proceed to assembling it. You want to start with the grass you picked out. Fill the basket about three quarters of the way full. Next, if you have chosen to go with one main item, center it towards the back of the basket, however, if you have chosen several items you can either center them or spread them out a little but keep them towards the back and sides. Fill in the reaming area with the candy you have chosen or even some small packs of cookies or cakes. If you have chosen to add ribbon, you can place it on the top of the handle or on the front of the basket.

Now you have a finished Easter basket, which is perfect for anyone of any age!


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