How To Make Easter Desserts

Easter is a time for family, friends, and good food. You've made the traditional Easter ham and all the trimmings. Now all you need are a few delicious desserts to bring your amazing meal to an end. If you don't want to spend a lot of time or money to accomplish this, then here's how to make some simple Easter desserts.

  • Everyone loves cupcakes. They're easy to make, and fun to eat. You can dress them up for Easter in several different ways. If you want to make it simple, all you need to do is place a few jelly beans on top of green icing. If your are feeling a little more creative, try turning your cupcakes into Easter bunnies. To accomplish this you'll need frosting, miniature jelly beans, decorating gel, and thin licorice. Frost the cupcakes as you normally would, then use the jelly beans for eyes, the gel for whiskers and bend the licorice into the shape of a smile.
  • What better Easter dessert is there then carrot cake? You're little bunnies will love to help bake and decorate this cake. All you'll need for this is a great carrot cake recipe, some cream cheese icing, and your imagination. Make the cake as directed, and after it has cooled, placed the icing on top. This is where your imagination comes into play. If you really want to make your cake stand out, place some carrots on top of the cake. You can either purchase some edible carrot decorations, or make your own. This can be accomplished by using candy corn and green jelly beans.
  • One final idea to make an Easter dessert is to make your own homemade eggs. Simple buy a dozen eggs, and poke holes into each end. Place your mouth over one of the holes and blow the contents out of the egg. Next, prepare some flavored gelatin according to the package directions. Pour the liquid gelatin into the hollow egg shells, and place them into the refrigerator. Leave your eggs to harden for a few hours, and then simply crack and peel them. Present the eggs on a bed of shredded coconut inside an Easter basket to your guests. They will be amazed at your ingenuity.

Hopefully these ideas to make Easter desserts will be a big hit. The best part of all of these recipes is that they are very kid friendly, so encourage your little bunnies to join in the fun!


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